Forum Translator

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Real-time Multilingual Translation for Support Forums

The GeoFluent Forum Translator increases participation by translating user generated content into the preferred language of every community participant. It allows individuals to search for and ­find content using their preferred language, regardless of the original language. GeoFluent’s patent-pending technology can translate forum content into a format that can be made available to search engines like Google and Bing for indexing, no matter what language the original poster used. This means that the content in your communities will be relevant and match search terms in every language. That’s a key variable for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), resulting in more traff­ic and higher rankings for your site in every language.

Key Features

    • Higher Translation Quality: Unlike other translation services, GeoFluent can quickly identify and translate slang, typos, and other shortcuts found in online communication. It can be customized to incorporate your community’s terminology, further ensuring that your site’s brand remains consistent globally.
    • Secure Content: GeoFluent can mask sensitive data from translation, such as customer information and credit card numbers. This information is never sold to third parties or made available to other customers.
    • Fast ROI: Because GeoFluent is based in the cloud, there is no expenditure for on-site infrastructure. The ROI starts from the very first multilingual community post.
Chat Translator
Agents communicate fluently in one language with customers who speak another.
Forum Translator
Translate user-generated content into the preferred language of every participant.
Text Translator
Translation for emails, support tickets, and other written content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.