Microsoft Partnership

Delivering the Power of Instant Translation Anytime, Anywhere

Lionbridge® partners with Microsoft® to power GeoFluent® with Microsoft Translator, the same cloud service that powers translations in Bing® Translator, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Translator utilizes a state-of-the-art, linguistically informed statistical machine translation system to deliver instant translations through a set of flexible and simple-to use technologies. A high-performance cloud service, Microsoft Translator powers billions of translations every day across Microsoft products including Bing, Office, SharePoint, Lync and Internet Explorer, and external services like Facebook, Trip Advisor and eBay. It is built on more than a decade of work at Microsoft Research.

Statistical Machine Translation systems instantly evaluate millions of possible translations and choose the best possible translation based on a statistical model.  Models consist of translated words and phrases along with their statistical likelihood of being correct based on previously translated text.  New sentences are translated by matching words and phrases with a database of these previous translation. A variety of proven fitness and preference scores are used to create a score for each of the possible translations.  The system then selects and returns the best scoring translation.

Modern statistical machine translation systems like Microsoft Translator deliver the best possible translation more cost-effectively empowering businesses to rapidly deploy translated content. GeoFluent builds upon that platform by delivering integrated solutions for Online Chat and Online Community platforms that use sophisticated language processing methods that ensure company terminology, style and brand are maintained. GeoFluent’s patent-pending, multi-layered approach also overcomes common automated translation problems such as typos, misspellings, slang, context, gender and personalization.

The Microsoft Translator team’s commitment to automated translation across a variety of translation and language service scenarios ensures Lionbridge GeoFluent delivers the best possible automated translations.

Chat Translator
Agents communicate fluently in one language with customers who speak another.
Forum Translator
Translate user-generated content into the preferred language of every participant.
Text Translator
Translation for emails, support tickets, and other written content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.