Real-Time Translation Management

State of the Art Multi-lingual Translation
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Chat Translator
Agents communicate fluently in one language with customers who speak another.
Forum Translator
Translate user-generated content into the preferred language of every participant.
Text Translator
Translation for emails, support tickets, and other written content quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Why Companies Choose GeoFluent

Built on Microsoft Translator, GeoFluent is a cloud-based service focused on real-time content translation simplicity. With GeoFluent, you no longer need to hire native speaking agents to support new or low-traffic markets. By directing customers who speak one language to support professionals who speak another, you can improve agent utilization, provide better coverage for existing markets, and support new markets with your current infrastructure. This translates to reduced time to resolution, builds customer satisfaction (CSAT), and drives incremental sales.

GeoFluent is:

  • Customized. GeoFluent ensures conversations are normalized for your global brand remains consistent. It is also normalized for common vernacular.
  • Integrated. GeoFluent is seamlessly integrated into chat platforms such as LivePerson, Moxie, and LogMeIn’s BoldChat. GeoFluent is also integrated into forum platforms such as Lithium, Jive, and Zimbra. Finally, GeoFluent is integrated into email ticketing platform Zendesk.
  • Secure. Sensitive content is maintained in a secure, private workspace. Your content is your content, and GeoFluent does not store anything without your permission.
  • Smart. GeoFluent employs an iterative process improvement methodology.

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